ICM Research services will help you integrate and use industry and market competitive intelligence in your business, strategic and marketing planning processes. 

Whether you need research, advice or training, our mission is to support our clients so that they can achieve their growth objectives.

To overcome information fragmentation, correlation,  incompleteness and low relevance ICM Research has implemented IRM® CMTI an advanced, scalable CI Services and applications platform.




The primary and end goal of competitive intelligence is to get early warning about risks and opportunities and to take action on relevant updated information, knowledge, insights and foresights.

Integrated information and insights

  • Market, Competitors, Technology & IP


  • About the external competitive environment and business/technology opportunities
  • Current and timely
  • Accurate and defensible


  • Tracked, processed, interpreted & validated

Actionable – “So What?”

Continuously updated and shareable between functions

Embedded in the key decision processes


  • Confidentiality is key (no trade secret infringements)
  • Code of Conduct
The final delivery is not a simple organised collection of data, but an Insight & Foresight Report, that helps you to find the answers to what you need to know about your industry or your competitors and take the right decisions