• ICM owns an advanced and global Competitive Market & Technology Intelligence System (CMTI)

  • The system, part of the IRM® Platform (Innovation Relationship Management) ICM's proprietary tool, is a digital application environment which is delivered in a cloud computing model and based on a Microsoft Sharepoint application layer

  • The CMTI Services are based on extensive intelligence data/infobases which are collected, processed, interpreted, validated and continuosly updated  by ICM analysts

  • Public and ICM Intelligence infobases (external information) are organized by Industry, Players, Technologies and Patents. Other relevant information encompass the following infobases: R&D Projects, Innovation partners, Regulations and Standards, Funding Opportunities, Scientific Literature

  • External infobases can be integrated to clients' internal infobases (not accessable to ICM) in a well-structured and holistic Company Intelligence system

  • Clients can access their infobases and services through the Internet on a 7/7 h24 basis

  • The system is easy-to-use, no ICT skills are required
  • Advanced security and privacy technologies/policies are applied to the content owned by the client
  • The external Intelligence infobases are managed by ICM in cloud computing mode on dedicated servers
  • The internal Intelligence infobases  are installed within the client dedicated servers
ICM Research works on RELEVANT LINKAGES between Market-Technology-IP-Competitors through an advanced digital applications environment of competitive intelligence, innovation and technology management best practices and services