Do you know:

  • What is happening in your industry? 

  • Which your direct competitors are and what are they doing? 

  • How do they compete against you?

  • What are their market shares and growth rates? 

Knowing where you are in your industry and what the new trends are is an important aspect of business, strategic and marketing planning. You need to know where you are positioned in your industry and where you are going. Who your major competitors are, but also who else is in the market who could grow and become a threat. What customers/consumers expect from you and your competitors and what the alternatives are.

ICM Research industry research services are aimed at answering questions like these. More importantly, we will take an objective view and tell you what is happening - good and bad - where are the opportunities and what are the threats. The danger of looking at an industry yourself is that you cannot take a truly objective perspective. You will always have a subjective viewpoint which can result in missing important signals that things are changing.

ICM Research owns a proprietary advanced global Competitive Market & Technology Intelligence system with financial, industry, marketing, technology and patent infbases and databases organized and constantly updated.

ICM Research organizes services and information bases for  clusters, SMEs, research centres, large companies considering two main areas:

ICM International claims since 2003 a  leadership position in the valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property focusing primarily on SMEs in various industries of "Made In Italy", in particular considering three main sectors:


ICM Research has economic and technological-industrial know-how and tools applied by its experts and professionals in various industrial and technological industries including: